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Man has been enamored with flight almost from the beginning of time. Flying private aircraft is as close as it gets to flying like a bird with the ability to move in 3 dimensions at will. Practically speaking, flying by private aircraft is a great way to avoid crowded airliners, traffic jams etc. It's a skill that you will continue to enjoy and perfect for the rest of your life.
Redtail offers the following courses of instruction to meet the FAA requirements for the different classes of licenses:

• Basic Training:

Private Pilot Licensing - A minimum of 40 hours of flight time which includes 20 hours of ii instruction. Successful completion of a written test.

Commercial Pilot Licensing - A minimum of 200 hours of flight time Instrument flight certification.

Instrument Flight Certification

In addition, each class of license can be upgraded to include piloting multi-engine aircraft, flight under instrument conditions (in the clouds, piloting seaplanes, & other specific authorizations)

• Specialized Training:

Tailwheel Endorsement - 8 to 10 hours of instruction

Back Country Flying - 4 hours of dual instruction

Spin & Upset Recovery - 4 hours of dual instruction

Private Pilot Licensing - Most pilots flying small to medium sized aircraft are licensed as private pilots. Redtail Air © FAA certified instructors will introduce you to the joy of flying and guide you each step of the way to earning your private pilot license.

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